EA for Kids

A non-profit project to introduce kids to effective altruism in fun, creative and age-appropriate ways. In doing so we hope to inspire more kindness and empathy in future generations 🌱

Althea and the Generation Tree tells the story of a free-spirited girl and trusty sidekick Hamster, who together make a fateful discovery...If you're a parent or otherwise want to help as a beta reader please join the list. It's free 🙂


When will it be out?We aim to release the ebook in early 2023.How much will it cost?It'll be free :)What about a hardcopy version?If the e-book goes well, we'll start on a hardcopy version, with any future profits to be donated to EA charities.Who's behind the project?I'm Simon, a dad based in Melbourne. I've done game writing before, but this is my first storybook. I'm collaborating on the story with my wife Grace, and our 3 year old toddler helps review (and distract) our work from time to time. Last but not least, art is by the talented Yara from Lviv.Sounds like a nice project, how can I help?Apart from being a beta reader, if you have experience with book editing, publishing or have ideas on how to spread the word or help the project out, please do get in touch on email or LinkedIn:

The journey begins!

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